Vril Force; The Introduction (Part 1)

By Bruna Carvalho

The Vril-ya and the force of Vril have been an obsessive topic I have had for almost 5 years now. I can say that it has thousands of layers to discover and the dots I have made until now are not even half of what we still have to discover within this topic. Since this topic is huge, I will be doing a series of posts on the matter. 

The term Vril might be confusing and somewhat unknown for some people. However, the term itself is just another xenonym given to a force that many wish to master or understand. A force that could either bring enlightenment or destruction upon ourselves and those around us. Some call it Chi, Reiki, Chakras, Magnetism, Orgone energy, Odic force, X Force, Prana energy, Zero-point field, lightning, Vital energy, Fibonacci sequence, and so on… 

The first mention of the term Vril-ya was in 1871, written in the book “Vril-ya: The coming race” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

In his book, Mr. Lytton mentions a race called the Vril-ya with a name deriving from the Sanskrit word Vril-II meaning, “like God”. A “like God”, civilization/Race. It mentioned that this civilization mastered the power of Vril like no other race on earth. One could almost say that this race, could be hinting at the so-called; the lost civilization of Atlantis, ancient masters, the protectors of the holy “grail”, Mayan science, or even the serpent race.

As I stated above Vril is just one of the thousands of names, made throughout the years to what we call now scientifically Antimatter. A force that can’t be fully explained yet it is believed to be that which created our world and humanity. The fingerprints and part of the essence of the creator which enabled our existence. 

Believe it or not, our ancestors, were not foolish. In fact, they probably knew more about this force than what we at this very moment know of. I believe that they wrote it in a way that would be harder to understand for the purpose of protecting that information from being fully destroyed and stolen. They used a language, symbology, so that those who wish to know the secrets of the universe would be able to acknowledge it and follow the right path to discover even more. 

Vril is not as unknown as you might have thought. It is illustrated in Egypt, Hindu culture, Norse mythology, Mayan culture, Chinese culture, Christian beliefs, Jewish beliefs, and probably in all existing cultures/religions/beliefs. However, it has also been a big interest among people with bad intentions such as Hitler. For the purpose of power and wealth.

What is Antimatter (Vril)? 

To start off let us use the name we now call instead of Vril, which is Antimatter.

According to scientists, the Universe is filled with Matter and Antimatter. Matter being all which we can see, what we call in esotericism as the physical world. While Antimatter is that which we cannot see, the spiritual realm. That which is infinite and eternal.

It has been proven that our universe only possesses 5% of matter, while 95% is antimatter.  This means that in this very moment we are only aware of 5% of existence. 

The book of Bullwer also describes this same fact and I quote: 

These subterranean philosophers assert that, by one operation of vril, which Faraday would perhaps call ‘atmospheric magnetism,’ they can influence the variations of temperature—in plain words, the weather;
that by other operations, akin to those ascribed to mesmerism, electro-biology, odic force, &c., but applied scientifically through vril conductors, they can exercise influence over minds, and bodies animal and
vegetable, to an extent not surpassed in the romances of our mystics. To all such agencies they give the common name of vril.

Page 43, The Coming Race

It can destroy like the flash of lightning; yet, differently applied, it can replenish or invigorate life, heal, and
preserve, and on it they chiefly rely for the cure of disease, or rather for enabling the physical organisation to re-establish the due equilibrium of its natural powers, and thereby to cure itself

Page 51, The Coming Race

In today’s time, scientists have claimed that by one operation of antimatter its destructive power would be equal to 4 nuclear bombs. 

On November 7th of 2013, Ruggero Maria Santilli made a great discovery. He managed to create a telescope (now known as the Santilli’s telescope) that is capable of seeing Antimatter thanks to Concave lenses. In order to understand the lens better we need to know what kind of lenses normal telescopes use. The Galileos Telescope uses an objective lens which is similar to the way we see things, it breaks down the light (aka Prisma) however it only captures Matter Light, which is what our eyes also see. Concave lenses, on the other hand, curve inwardly. It is a diverging lens, that spreads out light rays that have been refracted through it, being able to capture Antimatter light. 

According to the Research Index “The only way to focus any light with negative index of refraction is via concave lenses, namely, lenses that are conjugated with respect to the conventional convex lenses used to focus ordinary matter light and illustrated in Figure”  (I will do a further post explaining Antimatter light and Matter light soon) 

This created speculations and the rise of theories, one of them being the old speculation that antimatter evolves backward in time, what is known in Magnetism as Diamagnetic Energy, representing the annihilation of Matter and Antimatter when in contact with each other. Diamagnetic magnetism, with an anticlockwise spin, therefore “evolving backward” occurs when the elements, electrons are in balance. Their magnetic field, however, is only created when an external force is applied. Relating with the Feminine. When applied, this energy reproduces a repelling force. It might seem subtle but it is there. Materials composed by this repelling force are usually sticky, receptive, and hold energy. Energy generators. 

While Matter has positive energy, also known in magnetism as Para/Ferromagnetic, which evolves forward in time with respect to positive units of energy and time. In Paramagnetic Magnetism, the electrons are out of balance. When an external field is applied, they attract and align with the same fields as the external source. This force has a clockwise spin, therefore, “evolving forward” relative to being Masculine. It is often depicted as either missing electrons or having extra ones. Meaning that it either produces Negative or Positive Ions when the external magnetic field is applied. 

If we think this through, we will realize that this sequence, this fate exists everywhere. Where the masculine is able to join with the feminine and out of it derives either a positive (masculine) or negative (feminine) Ion (creation, child). When we say negative or positive, it is not meant as good or bad. Rather we could see it as the moon and the sun. Both different, yet both are essential in order for our earth to function.

However, it is not just in us that we can see this “law” of nature, we can also look at it and question our perception of time, here in this world. You see, if we imagine a clock spinning clockwise and if we have another clock on top of that same clock spinning anticlockwise where does that leave us in relation to time? How does that affect our minds, our lifespan, the lifespan of the earth…etc A clock constantly reversing up to the time when we were born and another clock speeding up until our last breath on earth, could that affect how we age? Is that what allows us to even exist?

Now that you have a clearer view into what vril is and the relation it has with the material world, we can come to the conclusion that it is indeed a force that cures and a force that also destroys everything including itself. It has been believed that antimatter does not exist at a large scale of structure in the universe and that it solely exists at the particle level when scientists (such as Cern and Nasa) produce it in their laboratories. However, other scientists stick up to the claim that the world since its beginning has been constantly devastated by antimatter asteroids, such as in 1908 the Tunguska explosion in Siberia. Which had equivalent energy of one thousand Hiroshima atomic bombs. This has scared many scientists, fearing that it could happen again at any time on a much larger scale. Which could annihilate the current humanity. 

However, there seems to be some sort of life inside antimatter, everything which has been made of it is different compared to all the material things we humans have created. Which could mean that this force could be that which our souls are made of. 

The Race of Vril-ya

According to the book of Edward Bullwer-Lytton, Vril-ya the coming Race, The vril-ya are a subterranean race waiting for the right time to emerge. Their appearance is described as a figure with black eyes, wings unto their knees, red man’s color, and face like a sphinx. Which reminded me of the Sumerian gods called the Annunaki. The Annunaki were giants with wings unto their knees, red-skinned like, black-eyed and powerful. They were claimed to be the ones who gave knowledge to the Sumerian people. Apparently, the Annunaki were believed to have come from the 9th planet known as Nibiru and that they have created humanity for the purpose of slavery. 

Annunaki of Mesopotamia

According to mainstream media, the Sumerians are the very first civilization on this planet. They were known for giving us many things that we still use today such as the calendar (the solar calendar), the zodiac system for measurements, canal systems, and much more. Whether they truly were the first civilization, is another topic. I will be mentioning them in the further series of posts and how they too connect to Vril. 

The involvement of Nazis

According to some sources out there, it was believed that Hitler was involved and helped to create the secret societies known as The Vril Society, Thule society, and The Brotherhood of the snake. However, this cannot be fully proven, whether the claims are true or false. It is true however that they used to use their castle, The Wewelsburg castle for rituals and drug abuse in order to reach more “realms”. In that specific castle, we can also see a specific room, known as the Ballroom with a black sun symbol painted on the ground and 12 pillars around the room. Some historians also believe that the northern tower of the castle was used to be the location of the most important Ritual room, used to worship Nothern Gods. 

Symbol in the Ball room of Wewelsburg Castle, Germany

Some theories claim that Nazis believed that the sacrifice of children would allow them to obtain more Vril than any other type of sacrifice or practice such as sex magick. That they believed that the vril-ya lived in the Nothern South Pole, that they were the White Knights Templars (belonging to the north), and that those Knights were the ancestors of the Nazis.

While all of this sounds like a conspiracy theory, I do believe that they were searching for something. Their trips to Tibet and Antarctica, just to mention a few, along with the manipulation of the Tibetan symbol, the swastika, the Templars cross, their numerous attempts to steal/manipulate ancient teachings into their own liking, and their belief in creating an Aryan race, do raise eyebrows. 

This can show us, how harmful it could be if everyone had access to ancient knowledge with evil materialistic intentions. By materialistic, I mean all those intentions that do not go hand in hand with what is pure and respectful with the law of nature. However, as we saw with the Nazis, because their intentions were so dark it only led them to their own insanity and destruction. 

In the further series, I will be writing about the different mentionings of Vril throughout our ancient history, which will hopefully help us understand even more, the importance and significance of this force. We will also try to understand the symbols chosen to identify with that force.