Vril Force: The Feathered Serpent (part 2)

By Bruna Carvalho

In my previous post, I introduced the force of Vril briefly and as I mentioned I will be going through the different symbols, names given to that same force. Like this, we will be able to grasp on a deeper level, how important this force is, and how it might be the key to understanding life as a whole. The spiritual understanding of our universe, which might not be used with scientific words like today’s age, but is used with symbols and stories that tell the same information that our science slowly but surely keeps unveiling. This not only will make us think about life as a whole, but it will also serve us as a sign that the ancient ones were not as unknowing, or less intelligent than we at this very moment are with our current technology. It also shows us how different in thinking they were compared to us, instead of wishing to be superior they left all their knowledge protected yet meant to one day be fully found by us, those of the future. 

To recapitulate a bit, in our last post we learned how this force known as Vril is just another Name to a force that represents Chi energy, Prana energy, lightning, Reiki, Odic force, the zero point field, Chakra energy, orgone energy, the Nirvana/Shambhala state and Antimatter. (These are only a few names that humanity throughout their cultures, beliefs, and religions have given into this unseen yet existing force. There are most likely thousands if not millions of other names that I haven’t even discovered of.) However, the current name being discussed by our scientists in this age is Antimatter. Antimatter (the soul), as I mentioned in my previous post, is negatively charged, with an anticlockwise spin. That does not inquire that it is “Evil” it just, like a magnet, implies that it is for a different purpose made of a different yet similar material to matter (the material world, the physical world). Matter on the other hand is positively charged, with a clockwise spin. 

In my opinion, (my own speculation), I think that maybe when we look at these two forces with our perception of time when combined, we have a clock spinning forwards and backward in time which could leave us in what we call the present time. It slows our aging but also speeds up our aging, depending on how the magnetic field is aligned in the world. Maybe this is why many believe that our magnetic field has shifted before, which is what apparently has an effect on our weather and environment. If you read my last post, you might realize that this discovery proves the belief that vril is able to have an effect on the weather, ourselves, and the environment. 

This is a statement by EarthSky Voices: 

Earth’s magnetic field extends from the Earth’s interior out into space, surrounding our planet like an invisible force field , protecting life from harmful solar radiation by deflecting away charged particles from the sun. But this field is continuously changing. Indeed, our planet’s history includes numerous global magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles swap places. This is called a reversal. Between South America and southern Africa, there is an enigmatic magnetic region called the South Atlantic Anomaly, where the field is a lot weaker than we would expect. Weak and unstable fields are thought to precede magnetic reversals, so some have argued this feature may be evidence that we are facing one.

If you haven’t read my last post i will link it here. Click here to read part 1 first.

Now that we recapitulated, let us move forward and take a look at how the ancients viewed Vril/Antimatter. One thing I want you to keep in mind is how scientists too, described the earth’s magnetic field as a shield a protector. Because that, is also depicted in ancient times differently, but with the same meaning. 

The Feathered Serpent 

The Faravahar Symbol of Zoroastrianism

The Feathered serpent has been a symbol around almost every belief and culture in the world, we cannot say of all beliefs or cultures, since we haven’t really traced all of them yet. However, the feathered serpent can be seen in beliefs and cultures that are well known, such as; Hinduism, Mayan, Egyptian, Zoroastrian, Christian, Gnostic, Jewish, Greek, Norse Mythology beliefs, just to name a few. Now, how does this connect to Vril? 

Well, the first thing we need to understand, is that all these figures, deities, concepts in our current discoveries and beliefs, are a language. It does not mean that there once existed a feathered serpent or a dragon creature, it means that perhaps the shape, the nature of that animal/personage resembles the “thing” they are trying to describe. A language of symbols, the same language nature communicates with us. Symbols, patterns, and numbers. 

In Egypt

Nekhbet (the Vulture) and Wadjet (the Serpent) 

In ancient Egypt, we see a common symbol, that throughout the year’s many historians and truth seekers tried to understand its meaning. Before the Unified Egpyt, there existed the Upper and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt corresponding with the color blue and Upper Egypt corresponding with the color red. On both sides, the Pharaohs had a symbol that identified protection, authority, and power.

In Lower Egypt there existed the goddess Wadjet (the green one), a snake, who became the protector of the kings and Pharaohs. She was known as the Eye of the Moon, Eye of Hathor, Eye of Horus, and Eye of Ra. Some historians also claim that actually Isis/Ishtar was the one who created Wadjet from the dust of the earth. Once created, Wadjet was the one that founded the throne in which Osiris later sat. Also known as the Empty throne. In Upper Egypt, the Pharaohs also had a protector figure, Nekhbet a vulture figure. She was usually depicted having her wings spread above the royal image, representing protection, authority, and power. 

Once combined these two deities formed the hieroglyph of the Eye of Horus, that we know of (Image above). Here we can see both the Vulture and the Snake unified, along with the colors Red and Blue. We can also notice that the Vulture holds a Shen Ring. 

A Shen Ring is a protective symbol where both Nekhbet and Wadjet are unified. It is said that everything that is depicted inside the Shen Ring, is meant to be something that is important and in need to be protected. 

One could say that when you combine the Vulture and the Snake together, you could either have an image of a Dragon or a Feathered Serpent. 

Here we can see Horus holding the Shen Ring. We can also notice how the sun disk on his head is of the color red, Upper Egypt, surrounded by the snake, and how he is holding the Snake (Shen Ring, blue) Where the inside represents once again the sun (red, upper Egypt). Representing how the Wadjet (could be seen as the moon, lower Egypt) encircling/protecting the Sun, Nekhbet ( Upper Egypt, which can be seen as the Sun).

This leads us further into what is known as the Uraeus also known as the Caduceus (Greek) or Kundalini (Indian). This is where things connect to the force Vril. 

The Uraeus,the Caduceus or the Kundalini

Shiva (Holding the staff of Osiris, the Uraeus, symbolizing the seed) and Shakti (Holding the lotus flower, symbolizing the womb): The moon and the sun

It is believed by people like Helena P. Blavatsky author of “The secret doctrine”, that in the past the Sun actually represented the female/negative energy and the Moon represented the male/positive energy. From a scientific perspective, this could mean that indeed a long time ago there was a magnetic flip. 

Hence all the higher gods of antiquity are all “ Sons of the Mother ” before they
become those of the “ Father.” The Logoi, like Jupiter or Zeus, Son of KronosSaturn, “ Infinite Time ” (or Kâla), in their origin were represented as male-female.
Zeus is said to be the “ beautiful Virgin,” and Venus is made bearded. Apollo is
originally bisexual, so is Brahmâ-Vâch in Manu and the Purânas. Osiris is interchangeable with Isis, and Horus is of both sexes.

Helena P. Blavatsky, The secret doctrine V.1, page 72

The Uraeus meaning “on its tail” or “rearing cobra” was a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. The Uraeus is also known as the staff of Osiris, it is either represented as a sole serpent or as a staff with a Pinecone at the top and two cobras (twin cobras, representing duality) entwining seven times until they gain wings (the vultures wings) and ascend.

Pine with spirals going left and spirals going right

I believe that the Pinecone at the top of the Uraeus could have an interesting meaning, besides the belief of it being the Pineal-Gland (Aka the eye able to see the antimatter light/soul realm). I haven’t found a source that claimed a similar aspect yet, but I found out that the pine could perhaps be a symbol, symbolizing the Golden Ratio also known as the Fibonacci sequence. If you count the number of spirals that are going to the right, then count the number of spirals going to the left, you will usually end up with two numbers of the Golden Ratio sequence. Most often it’s either 5 and 8 or 8 and 13 (Golden Ratio numbers). This isn’t only found in Pine cones, it is found in all plants, animals, organs, weather, galaxies to the disc flowers of sunflowers and even us, Humans. 

The Golden Ratio

The shape of the Golden Ratio

The discovery of the Golden Ratio has always been told to us as being a finding of the Greeks, or more directly, of Pythagoras, even though Pythagoras himself hasn’t affirmed that he discovered this sequence.

According to the philosopher Iamblichus, when Pythagoras was young he decided to study in Egypt. On his way there he was initiated into the Mysteries of Byblos and Tyre and then spent some time in solitude in a temple at the top of Mount Carmel. Once in Egypt, he stayed twenty-two years visiting all the temples and becoming initiated into the different divine Mysteries. He was caught up in the invasion of Egypt by the Persians in 525 BC and taken to Babylon where he was initiated into the Mesopotamian and Persian Mystery traditions. Then, in his mid-fifties, he moved to Croton in southern Italy where he founded his academy in the last decades of the sixth century BC.

Written by Michael Baigent

Another more modern version, is Fibonacci, Fi coming from the Greek word Phi, and Bonacci coming from the last name of Leonardo Bonacci. The person mainstream media claims to have discovered the number Phi (Golden Ratio). Bonacci wasn’t the one to discover it but in my opinion, he was the person that made us take a closer look, the person who raised more awareness of this number by experimenting and watching the way rabbits would multiply. Doing this, he noticed a pattern, which is the pattern of the Golden Ratio, the rabbits always multiplied becoming larger in number, but with a sequence always adding the last one twice making: 1=1=2=3=5=8=13=21…etc never-ending. 

Depiction of the motion and the way the Golden Ratio works. (It is not just visible in spirals, it can also be visible in abstract shapes and lines. I believe that space or Aether could be also respecting this sequence, but on a much larger scale.)

As if nature was commanded to multiply “this” ( animal, plant, human…etc), but it did not know-how. Because the Golden Ratio has no beginning or end, it is infinite. So nature, not having the formula explaining how to begin and how to end, used the Golden Ratio sequence instead. 

Who exactly first found about this sequence has not been discovered yet. However, archaeologists found out that the Babylonians knew of this sequence way before Pythagoras. Where all this information was written in a Mesopotamian tablet, known as the Plimpton 322. (Read more about this Tablet here) 
The Babylonians most likely weren’t the first ones to acknowledge this sequence, in fact, the pyramids of Giza were built respectively and accordingly with the Golden Ratio. Not just them, but Mayan buildings or even Hindu buildings such as the temple of Borobudur (Where seen from above, looks just like the Kalachakra, also known as the map of Shambhala or Nirvana). Even artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci or even composers like Mozart and Beethoven have created their masterpieces in conjunction with the law of the Golden Ratio. A good example is how Greeks and how Romans would build their statues. Because the Greeks, deeply took the time to understand this sequence by detail, taking more awareness into the proportion of their statues and buildings. Whereas the Romans weren’t as precise as the Greeks. It is also believed that this is also how the population growth functions, unconsciously respecting the nature force (the Golden Ratio), either growing or decreasing algorithmically.

The fact that on Pine cones you can actually see clearly, that the spiral can be left or right, could this maybe represent once again the sun and the moon, the matter and antimatter, the upper and low, the as above and so below, the negative and positive, the feminine and masculine. This could also tell us that the purpose/goal/mission of both the feminine and male energy is the same. 

And if the Pinecone would really be meant to represent the Golden Ratio. Does this mean that this symbol is meant to tell us, that in order to get out of this loop, this constant “reincarnation state”, is to go through these seven realizations? (Reincarnations?) and finally obtaining enlightenment. Which would mean to find that which is beyond this loop or to finally understand the real purpose of this sequence? Or even become one with it?

I hope this made things clearer for the readers out there, Vril isn’t necessarily something different, it is just a name we humans gave to a much larger, fascinating force that not even we can grasp its very origin. But maybe that is our purpose in the first place, to break the veil of a beginning and end, to break free of the indoctrination that was implanted in us. From people that kept this information locked up, in order to take control of how much we knew and how much we didn’t know about our ancestors. To shrink our perception of wisdom and our world. 

Thank you for reading. 

In our next post, we will be looking at other civilizations that also found out about this multi-named force and what sort of findings they made relating to this force.