The first duty taught in Theosophy, is to do ones duty unflinchingly by every duty. H.P.Blavatsky, Gems From the East”

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By C. Ramiah  Ramiah, C. (1884) “Dreams About The Mahatmas Realised,” The Theosophist, Vol. 5 No. 12 September 1884, pp: 125-126. My age is 51 years; and this circumstance I mention to show that I have not the enthusiasm of youth, nor its in­separable flights of imagination. I note down the incidents in tho order…

The Founding of The Temple of the Rosy Cross

Article reprinted from: The Vahan, Editor J.I. Wedgewood.  The Vahan, “The Founding of the Temple of the Rosy Cross,” Vol. XXI, London May 1 1912 No. 10, pgs: 203-205. In the last number of THE VAHAN there appeared an account of an Orders founded under the above name. The Order having now definitely been established,…

Does a guru look for students?

By Julian Ochoa Jiddu Krishnamurti rejected the title of world teacher or guru. He taught his listeners that to find the path to enlightenment they had to “do it yourself”. However, he has been misunderstood by many when he said in his many speeches, similar ideas to the following quote: “You yourself are the teacher and…