The War between the Freemasons and the Roman-Church

By Bruna Carvalho

For ages now, there has been a huge war between Freemasonry and the Roman Church. In the following paragraphs you will find out the real goal behind Freemasonry and why today’s society has been fooled by believing them to be a Devil-worshipping “Cult”.

The accusations

For decades the church has accused Esoteric-groups who despised Doctrine and the concept behind the word Religion. A few weeks ago I came across a Swiss/french news article that completely shocked me with surprise. The article was related to a Swiss Canton known as the Canton of Valais, however, the disagreement took its central place in Sion, Switzerland which later through the Power of the Swiss Catholic Church and the government, spread to the whole canton of Valais. 

In the article, two Groups of the Vatican Church known as; The SSPX (Society of St. Pius X) and Opus Dei have claimed that the Freemasons possess immense power in Switzerland, so big, that they even infiltrated the Swiss Government. They claimed to want Transparency, in other words, they wanted Freemasons to declare in their status and CV that they were Freemasons, along with what Lodge they were part of. Not only that but they also wanted Freemasonry lodges to declare what goes inside, sharing their “secrets” to the Government. 

In the end, the church did win. Where many Freemasons had to flee to another Canton because they couldn’t get a job or due to humiliation. (See Article (french): Qui veut la peau des francs-maçons valaisans?)

Picture: Sion, Switzerland

This war hasn’t only taken place in Switzerland, neither has it only taken place now, it takes place in many other countries including; The Vatican City and Islamic countries. Any country with a specific ruling doctrine or Religion. As an example, we have the Vatican, where they banned Freemasonry and other Secret Societies in 1738. From 1738 until 1983 any Pope who publicly associated or supported any Masonic teachings had to be censored and immediately excommunicated. It is also stated that Pope Leo XII (1738) tried to assess the influence of “Anti-social” Organizations (Anti-social because these secret societies denied revealing their “secrets”) where he later confirmed the texts of Clement XII (1738), Benedict XIV (1751), and Pius VII (1821). With this, he passed his Quo Graviora (in 1825) which meant to condemn such groups like Freemasonry to the point where there would be no space or opportunity to claim any exception from condemnation. 

Freemasonry wasn’t always known as Freemasonry, it has had different names throughout the decades. It has had its influences in many other secret societies and has never been focused on a specific doctrine or Belief. Just like any Group be it political, religious, scientific, or charity-based, there will, unfortunately, always exist individuals who join those specific groups with selfish intentions and greedy expectations. Just like the core of most Esoteric, moral, ethical teachings, Freemasonry too stands for the Value behind Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Helping one another, regardless of whether they’re freemasons or not. Of course, many Masons are less fearful of being judged when helping another Mason, however, that behavior is seen in everyday life. And no it is not because Masons “apparently made a pact with the devil”. We normally trust our families and friends at a higher level because we have some level of familiarity with them because we know we won’t be judged. This too can be seen in Universities, political parties, religious people…etc. Trust increases at a higher level when we are certain that the one seeking trust has shared with us a few common values. It is absurd that one has to even explain why it is that they behave that way since in normal society we don’t even realize that it is done by all of us. However, this claim didn’t come to existence by itself, it has been well propagated by religious leaders centuries ago. So much that even in today’s age it faces accusations such as Devil-worshippers. 

Those accusations, executions, condemnations from centuries ago by religious leaders are what caused the name “Secret Society” in the first place. People who wanted to study astrology, herbology, astronomy, geometry, other cultures, history, biology…etc, things the church extremely condemned, had to hide or else they would be sentenced to death. 

The Oath and their secrets

Picture: Hermes/Thoth

Many readers might be questioning, what are their secrets and their oaths then? It’s not really a secret anymore since much can be found out there, but people are so unsatisfied with it, thinking that it cannot just be “that”, that they still won’t believe it. Even if they go and join, they still won’t believe it. Because they told themselves that illusion, made up by leaders who wish to protect their power of mass control and domination over people’s beliefs and values, so many times, that it became their reality. 

So the question should be, even if I tell you, would you believe it? Even if it goes against all that which you thought them to be? 

While Charity and the Oath to help its members has often been a virtue and strength within Freemasonry, it has also been used as a weakness, and this often is simply ignored. Freemasonry along with other Secret Societies have always had enemies from various sides, including former and current members. Individuals who due to all these accusations, joined the society with the expectation of becoming famous, rich, and powerful. Realizing that the society mainly focuses on studying the esoteric, they become regretful, bored, and vengeful towards the society. Of course, Freemasonry also has rich members, just like any university, shop, course has rich, middle class and poor students/clients. They accept anyone because in the end there are no divisions, everyone bleeds the same, so everyone has the right to become a better person. If Freemasonry has achieved that in at least one person, then one can say that, Freemasonry succeeded in doing its designed goal. The problem is that when we have the word “secret” involved, it suddenly makes us think that they are hiding something terrible. When in reality, they aren’t. 

Nowadays, no one really needs to be a Freemason, perhaps no one ever needed to be one. The fact of it being so secretive could and most likely is because of Religious groups like the Roman-church. Where the studying of esotericism, which mostly involves understanding the creation of the creator is still considered an abomination. Where seeking the knowledge of the past civilizations is still seen as blasphemy unto the church. 

Which believe it or not, that is what freemasonry is. It is about understanding our world around us, understanding different traditions, cultures with the hope that it will eventually guide us closer to the One, the source, the whole. This however is until today unacceptable by the church, and because of it, they see Freemasonry as a threat to their power. The power of doctrine. The power of being right. Even though, if you study the Bible you will find out that it is a very important esoteric artifact. Full of parables and symbolism, some who are meant to be taken as they are and others who are meant to be deciphered. It is a way of living, which is what Freemasonry is meant to guide its members to. To the best version of our being, to walk the earth with the same thoughts, intentions, and actions as Christ did. 

This is where it differs, while Religions often focus more on the who memorizes/knows more, the vowing before a statue, a man whom they see close to perfection/God (example: The pope), with some focus on their own behavior. Freemasonry focuses on the behavioral part only, knowing and understanding, turning Metals into Gold, which is the magic of working on our bad habits, our flaws and our fears to one day become close to what esotericism calls, Christ Consciousness. What Christians might understand as, following Christ or the way of prudence. Becoming what the creator, the source wanted us to be in the first place. The best we can be, instead of the diminishing, destruction of our own self and others.

Not all Freemasons or people following the good path achieve the Christ consciousness and this is also part of the secret. It can take months, years and even a lifetime for one to fully understand the purpose and meaning behind turning Metal into Gold. Some never even get to understand it at all, where those words are taken literally as they are. Not that I have fully grasped it’s meaning and purpose, I still have a long way to go. 

However, even though the misunderstandings can seem small, they have destroyed and done a lot of damage. People have taken these studies and everything they have learned within Freemasonry, understanding some of it or not understanding a thing, and built cults, orgies masquerading as a Masonic Lodge, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, or even Churches. Some people have misunderstood the concepts of Unity and Duality to an extent that it even led them to their own insanity, Aleister Crowley being an example of that. 

Just like the bible, the secret in freemasonry exists only in understanding what it fully means. After all, anyone can read the bible, everyone can know, the only question is: Can they really understand it? And no, the first step into understanding doesn’t require you to be of a higher IQ, special, rich, or with a wider knowledge of history, symbolism, ancient teachings…etc. It starts with a light heart, a heart of feather. A heart willing to give up its selfishness, earthly desires, anger, greediness, and envy. 

“They wander in darkness seeking light, failing to realize that the light is in the heart of the darkness”

― Manly P. Hall,  The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Truth can be fully grasped once one knows and understands. Wisdom cannot have feet without the understanding of that wisdom, just like understanding can not exist without the wisdom to be understood. If God, the creator, the whole, created all things good then it is only humanity that twists it and uses it for evil. It is only humanity and the creatures of the earth that use the supplies given to them, for the destruction and disaster of their own kind. 

Now that you know what Freemasonry is about, you must also be wondering about the Symbols or the handshakes. However, just like the Church has their own symbols, cloths representing what they value, or just like Rights-movements have their logos, countries have their own flags, so does Freemasonry have their own ways of showing to other freemasons their values, who they are and what they study. 

The Conspiracies

There are a lot of conspiracies out there of Political members, who have done dirty work, are part of a Freemasonry lodge, meaning that Freemasonry must be of the Devil. However, if we assume things that way, then there are many who claim to be of Christian-faith as well. Yet in those cases, we don’t blame Christian Teachings to be of the devil, do we? Just like I said above, many can claim themselves to be whatever they want, just because they claim to be something does not mean that they truly understand the meaning of what they claim to be. Many do this unknowingly while others use it as a way to come forth as a good person when they’re not. We can say that it is a good way to gain trust, come forth with a good image and fool people. 

This is also why Freemasonry has their own ceremonies, where they question the initiates based on the esoteric teachings they have been studying. Pretty similar to any School. This makes sense, after all, Freemasonry is a school of esoteric teachings. The amount you’ve studied and managed to understand is what will make you go on to the next degree or not. So if an initiate hasn’t understood its current degree he or she will only pass once prepared. Or else you’d be trying to study Algorithms before grasping Algebra. This is where many individuals who joined seeking what the conspiracies promised, get tired of, and leave. 

Picture: Aleister Crowley, O.T.O Founder

While others being part of Cults or orgy clubs, use Freemasonry contacts as a way of recruiting people to their groups, like the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis) as an example. This is a good tactic of finding people with similar interests. In infiltrating Societies such as Freemasonry, the infiltrators promise similar expectations and lead the recruits to an actual “Orgy Club” full of perversion. Where, as an example, the O.T.O members practice things such as Eroto-comatose lucidity (a technique of Sex-Magick) a Formula of  Aleister Crowley. Or they offer you things like a”cake of light” (a twisted version of the Christian Sacramental bread) which contains; Kamut flour, honey, a few drops of “Abramelin oil”, olive oil, beeswing, ash, and sometimes particular bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, or a mix of both, according to Crowley’s recipe. Not only has people like Aleister Crowley stolen practices of other Groups and even religions but they have also twisted and mocked them with perversion. 

Accusations such as “Naked initiations” most likely came from comparing Freemasonry and the O.T.O as similar Societies, when they’re not. The goal of Freemasonry is to flee, overcome the instincts of the Flesh, the Perversion not to indulge in it. Instead, it wants us to be sane, to know the responsibility, and to overcome our Survival instinct. Just like we evolved our surroundings, we should too evolve mentally and spiritually. 

Here again, we can see how just like anywhere, people are responsible for their own actions, not the teachings themselves, it is the people who choose to do either that which is good (which will help humanity) or that which is bad (which will destroy others and ourselves). That is how real the verse: “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” is. 


Going back to the main topic of the Church wanting transparency accusing Freemasonry to be tremendously rich and powerful, one must ask who is targeting who? And doesn’t that targeting show who really possesses the power? After all, if Freemasonry were that powerful I don’t think such accusations would even have any success or be mentioned in the media. 

It is not Freemasonry that has had along the years reoccurring accusations of Pedophilia in comparison to the SSPX or the Opus Dei. Where convicted SSPX Pedophile-priests have special requirements of being arrested yet living free in Switzerland, or being sent to “Golden Prisons”(An example of dozens of cases in 2020, Link: Paedophile priest found free in Switzerland after conviction in Belgium)

Who here should be demanding Transparency to whom?