By Julian Ochoa 02 June 2018

CWL Speaks: C. W. Leadbeater’s Correspondence concerning the 1906 Crisis in the Theosophical Society 

Compiled by Pedro Oliveira, who is currently working as Education coordinator for The Theosophical Society in Australia. Foreword by Robert Ellwood 

Published in Australia, Feb-ruary 2018, 311 pp. 

“CWL Speaks” is a book for those interested in the history of the Society in the early 1900s. The book clears doubts on historical controversies surrounding the life of one of the Society’s popular writers and speakers. 

This book is an unbiased presentations of the events that transpired in those times. 

While there are interesting matters relating to the historical development of the Theosophical Society, there is much to be gained from an occult reading of the private letters of C. W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and C. Jinarajadasa. 

The challenges they successfully faced helped to determine the future vitality of the theosophical society. To some extent it could also be said that the members were themselves challenged and tested with regards to their intuitional understanding of the purpose of the Theosophical Society. 

One gains the sense that although they were sometimes isolated and attacked by those closest, that the Masters of the Wisdom never wavered in their association with those brave souls. 

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